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A Secret Garden

Making Wedding Dreams Come True...

We plan and design events that capture the imagination.

Beautiful Handmade Bouquets

Here at A Secret Garden, we are known for our amazing handmade bouquet and floral work. We pride ourselves on making one of a kind pieces that can be passed down as a family heirloom.


Our one acre botanical garden is the perfect setting for an elegant cocktail hour and the 23 foot waterfall is the perfect backdrop for an amazing ceremony.


Our 3200 square foot Palm House is the perfect setting for the reception party.

This space is elegant, yet still welcoming and inviting.


Best Kept Secret In Kansas City

Finally, a venue that doesn't take advantage of you....

We love creating memories for you


Russ Lawrence

Owner - Gardener - Photographer - Wedding Planner - Designer - And An All Around Fun Guy!

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